Is massage very good for my skin?

Massage has been around for a huge number of years, dating all the way back to ancient cultures in areas like China, India, Egypt and Greece [source: National Center for Complementary and Option Medicine]. In recent years, massage has gained growing reputation as both a indicates of stress relief and an alternative health-related therapy. Analysis shows that massage therapy could treat many illnesses, including respiratory, neurological and muscular problems [source: Cleveland Clinic].

With its varied
well being added benefits, you might wonder how massage affects your skin. Around the positive side, massage can soothe, loosen, stimulate and relax a variety of components of one’s body, such as your skin [source: WebMD]. Furthermore, massage is really a stress reliever; when you’ve got a skin condition like rosacea that flares up due to stress, it could support hold you relaxed and free of charge of flare-ups [source: American Academy of Dermatology].

Having said that, massage is not normally fantastic for the skin, so you might want to be careful. If you do have rosacea, you would like to prevent facial massages, because the elevated blood flow for your face can aggravate the condition and cause a flare-up. You also choose to stay clear of heat-intensive massages, because the heat may also trigger rosacea [source: American Academy of Dermatology].

Prior to you get a massage, you ought to also look at the existing state of one’s skin. When you’ve got a distinct skin condition which can trigger skin infections or wounds, you’ll would like to skip the massages till your skin heals.

When you’ve got any doubts about no matter whether you need to possess a massage, talk to your doctor or dermatologist. Whilst massage isn’t a replacement for conventional health-related care, you’ll be able to also speak to your doctor about applying massage as a supplement towards the care you happen to be currently receiving. Ought to you decide to go for any massage, ask any therapist you are contemplating about their education and credentials, as well as their expertise. Then, loosen up and let the massage work its wonders.