Massage Methods

The three key categories of massage that happen to be predominantly utilised in sport are effleurage, petrissage and frictions. Nearly all massage tactics are carried out using the primary pressure getting directed towards the heart. This assists enhance venous and lymphatic flow and ensures that no pressure of blood is being pushed against closed valves causes any harm to blood vessels. The only exception to this is exactly where quick strokes are aimed at stretching muscle fibres. Since the strokes are limited, there is certainly no danger of pressure becoming built up.


Effleurage consists of a range of stroking movements, typically carried out using the whole palm with the hand and fingers, which could be made use of with varying stress as outlined by the purpose and stage reached during the massage. Effleurage is generally made use of at the start off of massage.

The fundamental movements comprise stroking with firm pressure working with a wide surface region on the palm of the hand and fingers. On the return, the therapists’ hands retain, light make contact with and prevent the path taken around the upward stroke. As with all massage, the hands need to be relaxed and moulded round the all-natural contours of the recipient’s physique. Effleurage is often applied to commence any massage session and it includes a wide range of purposes that you just really need to concentrate on:

Introducing touch for the client
Placing the client at ease
Warming the tissues
Increasing blood flow
Stimulating peripheral nerves
Muscle relaxation
Palpating tissues
Effleurage really should be carried out in a rhythmical and relaxed manner starting with light touch in the commence of a session and developing as much as deeper pressure for enhanced circulation and stretching of tissues later inside the massage. It need to not be rushed because it is for the duration of this phase you need to commence to concentrate on any abnormalities within the tissues that may possibly need further consideration later in the massage. In the event the movements are performed as well immediately, this may not enable the client loosen up and if a “tender” region is missed, it is going to just about definitely be extra painful when discovered working with deeper techniques later! Effleurage can also be utilized to complete the massage finishing with light stroking to unwind the patient, particularly if movements that are additional painful have been made use of beforehand.


Petrissage or kneading is applied on deeper tissues for mobilising fluids, stretching muscle fibres, and inducing relaxation. Some of these procedures are specifically aimed at only deeper tissue and are consequently both ineffective and tough to carry out on narrow components from the limbs. You should consequently spend unique consideration, as with all massage tactics, as to what your purpose is when kneading petrissage is often a potent technique that’s especially successful in mobilising fluids in really deep muscle tissues and applying a very good stretch to the fibres involved.


Frictions might be used for exploratory purposes, or for deeper and in some cases additional painful movements aimed at breaking down lesions, separating muscle fibres, and also breaking down current scar tissue. When performing frictions for exploratory purposes we have a tendency to use the sensory pad from the thumb to “grasp” the skin and to move this more than the underlying surface to feel for any abnormalities (trigger points) to the tissue concerned. This enables us to palpate, especially about joints and really feel for smaller abnormalities in the tissues. When performing frictions for the goal of separating muscle fibres, breaking down lesions and scar tissues, firstly the client ought to be warned that these procedures could indeed be painful or in the pretty least uncomfortable. They only must be carried out to get a extremely quick whilst. Working with vigorous frictions for any longer than this could have a especially detrimental effect by irritating and even causing inflammation.