Why does your massage therapist tell you to drink water?

I am sure any of you that have had a massage have had your massage therapist let you know to drink an abundance of water.

Initial of all, water is involved various functions inside the body. As outlined by MayoClinic.com, water moistens tissues, protects internal organs, dissolves nutrients to become absorbed by the body, lubricates joints and regulates physique temperature. In addition for the functions listed above, water helps the kidneys flush out waste items at the same time as help in oxygen transport towards the cells from the body. Water tends to make up about 60 % of the body!

Drinking water before your massage keeps your muscle tissues effectively hydrated making it simpler for the massage therapist to manipulate muscle tissue. Well hydrated tissues retain connective tissue from becoming adhesive, this could result in much less pain following a deep tissue massage.

Drinking water after your massage is vital to help carry away the metabolic by-products which have accumulated in trigger points, adhesions and hypertonic muscles. Deep tissue massages will express water, salt and also other minerals in the muscles too as boost circulation which will carry them away.

So, drink your water all day long, it’s important for fantastic well being. Drink your water ahead of and soon after your massage to assist the adjustments that take place for the duration of a massage.