Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Indulge in the sensory symphony of an Aromatherapy Massage, where the healing touch of a seasoned Massage Professional converges with the therapeutic allure of essential oils. Meticulously extracted from aromatic plants, these oils harbor a treasure trove of health-enhancing properties. As the massage unfolds, the ambient aroma intertwines with the gentle kneading, unlocking a realm of physical and mental well-being.

Essential oils, renowned for their natural healing compounds, seamlessly blend into the massage medium. Lavender’s calming embrace soothes the mind, while eucalyptus invigorates the senses. The oils’ microscopic molecules permeate the skin, entering the bloodstream to catalyze a cascade of benefits. Beyond the physical realm, aromatherapy transcends into a holistic experience, influencing emotions and fostering a serene mental landscape.

This sensory journey extends beyond the massage table, as the lingering essence of the oils continues to evoke tranquility, creating an enduring tapestry of well-being. Aroma massage is a bespoke voyage, tailoring nature’s essences to meet individual needs, promising a harmonious union of body, mind, and aromatic delight.

Understanding the Aromatherapy Massage & Benefits

Aromatherapy Massage, with essential oils extracted from aromatic plants, these oils harbor a treasure trove of health-enhancing properties.

Pain Relief

Essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint used in Aromatherapy Massage have analgesic properties, providing relief from muscle and joint pain.

Embark on a transformative journey of Pain Relief through the artistry of an Aromatherapy Massage, expertly crafted by a seasoned Massage Professional. This specialized massage transcends conventional practices, integrating the therapeutic potency of essential oils to alleviate pain and restore equilibrium.

As the soothing touch of the therapist combines with the healing properties of carefully selected essential oils, a synergy is forged, targeting areas of discomfort. The aromatic elixirs, renowned for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic virtues, permeate the skin, offering a profound sense of relief. Lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint, among other botanical wonders, contribute their unique healing signatures to this tailored experience.

Beyond the physical realm, the aromatic molecules engage the nervous system, unlocking a cascade of responses that not only ease pain but also promote relaxation. The lingering essence of the oils extends the therapeutic impact beyond the massage, providing a sustained balm for body and mind. In the aftermath of this aromatic odyssey, a renewed sense of well-being emerges, making pain relief a harmonious journey rather than a destination.

aromatherapy massage
aromatherapy massage

Improved Circulation

Embark on a journey of enhanced vitality and well-being through the artistry of an Aromatherapy Massage, skillfully administered by a seasoned Massage Professional. This bespoke massage transcends conventional practices, seamlessly weaving the therapeutic power of essential oils to invigorate and optimize circulation.

As the skilled hands of the therapist harmonize with the aromatic elixirs, a sensory symphony unfolds, engaging the circulatory system. The carefully chosen essential oils, such as invigorating citrus blends or circulation-boosting rosemary, infuse the massage with their revitalizing properties. Through the absorption of these botanical wonders, blood vessels dilate, facilitating improved blood flow and nutrient delivery to tissues.

The aromatic molecules further stimulate the nervous system, encouraging a gentle yet profound vasodilation response. Beyond the immediate physiological effects, the lingering essence of the oils sustains the benefits, promoting enduring circulatory health. This holistic approach not only enlivens the body but also nurtures a sense of balance and rejuvenation. Step into a realm where aromatic bliss and circulatory optimization converge for a truly revitalizing experience.

Muscle Relaxation

Experience the sublime synergy of tranquility and rejuvenation with an Aroma Massage, meticulously crafted by our seasoned Massage Professional. This therapeutic journey transcends conventional massages, artfully combining the soothing power of essential oils to unravel tension and usher in profound muscle relaxation.

As the massage unfolds, the carefully selected essential oils, such as lavender or chamomile, interlace with the therapist’s skilled touch. The aromatic molecules permeate the skin, guiding a sensory expedition that reaches the depths of muscular stress. These botanical wonders work in tandem with the therapist’s techniques, gently coaxing tight muscles to surrender their tension.

The olfactory enchantment complements the physical release, fostering a serene ambiance that eases both body and mind. This holistic approach extends beyond momentary relief, nurturing a sustained sense of muscle suppleness and relaxation. Step into a realm where aromatic bliss and expert touch harmonize, crafting an experience that transcends the ordinary and rejuvenates the very essence of well-being.

aromatherapy massage
aromatherapy massage

Stress Reduction

Embark on a transformative odyssey of stress dissolution with our Aromatherapy Massage, meticulously curated by our adept Massage Professional. This transcendent experience transcends the conventional, weaving together the therapeutic power of expert touch and aromatic elixirs.

As the session unfolds, the gentle strokes and kneading motions, complemented by the exquisite scents of lavender or eucalyptus, guide you into a realm of unparalleled serenity. The carefully selected essential oils diffuse into the air, creating an immersive environment that transcends the confines of a traditional massage.

The aromatic symphony, coupled with the expertly executed techniques, initiates a profound relaxation response, soothing not just the body but also the restless mind. Tensions dissipate, and the weight of the world melts away as stress gives way to tranquility. This holistic approach ensures that the calming effects linger, leaving you with a lasting sense of peace and rejuvenation. Unwind, breathe, and surrender to the harmonious dance of touch and aroma, where stress finds no sanctuary.

Boosted Energy Levels

Elevate your vitality with our Aromatherapy Massage, meticulously crafted by our skilled Massage Professional. Beyond the realms of conventional massage, this transformative experience is designed to rekindle your inner energy reservoirs.

As the aromatic symphony envelops you, our expert masseuse employs a combination of soothing strokes and strategic pressure points, harnessing the invigorating power of carefully chosen essential oils. These elixirs, such as citrus blends or peppermint, infuse the air with revitalizing scents, awakening your senses.

The massage unfolds as a harmonious dance, encouraging improved blood circulation and cellular oxygenation. This dynamic interaction of touch and aroma revitalizes fatigued muscles, dispelling lethargy and ushering in renewed vigor. The post-massage sensation is akin to a gentle awakening, leaving you refreshed, revitalized, and ready to embrace life’s challenges with newfound energy. Step into a realm where relaxation becomes rejuvenation, and every inhale ignites vitality.

aromatherapy massage
aromatherapy massage

Emotional Balance

Aromatherapy Massage, this transcendent experience blends the art of touch with the therapeutic essence of carefully chosen aromatic oils, aiming to harmonize your emotional state.

As the massage unfolds, the aromatic symphony envelops you, each note resonating with serenity and balance. Essential oils like lavender or chamomile are chosen for their calming properties, inducing a profound sense of tranquility. The skilled hands of our masseuse navigate the contours of your body, unraveling tension and inviting a deep emotional release.

The transformative power of scent and touch creates a sanctuary where stress dissipates, replaced by a profound sense of emotional serenity. This massage is a holistic embrace, inviting you to reconnect with your inner self, fostering emotional equilibrium that resonates long after the session concludes. Experience the profound impact of scent on emotions, leaving you centered, serene, and emotionally balanced after a London Aromatherapy Massage.

Reviews Massage

BennettHerne Hill
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Shar was very good. Will definitely want to see her again.
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Hi David. Azeera was very good. Very professional. Absolutely no negatives. I feel like a new person mate. Thank you
Read More
Malika is a charming and skilled therapist who gives a soft and relaxing massage like no other. When it comes to providing an unwinding, slow and relaxing massage, Malika is in the top league.
PatrickFinsbury Park
Read More
Wow, wow, wow. Irina was amazing. I would say probably the best massage I have ever had. She has so much strength and doesn’t fade half way through. Last stroke as good as the first. Wish she was single as I would marry her in a heartbeat!
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Irina is, without a doubt, well adept with the human body’s muscle groups. She understands the importance of the client’s requirements; the effect of her strong and overly confident massage style is a bliss; all that is delivered with exquisite table manners. I enjoyed the 2 hour session thoroughly. Please thank Irina on my behalf.
Abel Orpington
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Hi David, Thank you for sending Christine the other day. It was an awesome session. Christine is no doubt an asset to your business
Mike Tower Hill
Read More
Marcella Is one of the best girls you have working at P.M She has a beautiful personality as well... Such a genuine Person Pls Tell Her I was very satisfied with the massage! Mike
Read More
Hi David thanks for organising that for me today,really enjoyed it,as Simona is so good at her job,the Reiki was superb as well. Please pass on my thanks to her,and hopefully we will meet again the next time I am in London. Thank you. Kieran
Joe Kilburn
Read More
Christine is a very good masseuse. Very understanding. U need to keep her definitely 1 of your best

Aromatherapy Massage London FAQ's

We only hire well trained therapists with a professional and clean personal appearance. In return, we would like you to take a shower before receiving your massage. The room must be tidy and smelling fresh and with clean towels. One to lie on and one to cover parts of your body where you are not being massaged.

If you’d like the massage therapist to focus on one specific area just let them know. THIS EXCLUDES THE GENITAL AREA. At the beginning of the massage they will ask if you have any specific pains or problems or concerns. Keep in mind, that the more time spent on a specific area, the less time spent on other areas.

We are a mobile massage service operating in London and some surrounding areas. Our therapists will visit you at your home, hotel or office.

You only have to ask! Perfect London massage therapists are trained to adapt to a wide range of body types and sensitivities to pressure. The therapist will enquire during the massage, but feel free to ask.

Yes, we understand that massage is a very personal treatment and you have to be ‘connected’ to receive the full benefit of the massage treatment. You may request a particular therapist, if the therapist you requested is not available we will always notify you with as much notice as possible and would send a replacement therapist.

Depending on the time of day we can normally have a therapist with you within an hour. Our therapists are able to reach you in 30-45 minutes if you are located in central London or TFL travel zones 1 or 2. If you are outside travel zone 3, then then you should allow us at least 1 hour to get a therapist to you . Our therapists travel from different locations across London. Most likely there is one who is close to your area and available to visit you on a short notice. We have therapists based in Central London W1 , North London, East London, West and South London.

We don’t charge a cancellation fee. The only thing that we ask, if you have to cancel your appointment, please value the time of our therapists and give us as much notice as possible.

Yes, all of the therapists hired to work for Perfect london massage have a certificate in what they are specialised in plus an anatomy and physiology certificate. Most of our therapists have accumulated years of experience in luxury salons, spas clinics which have more than 6 years of experience and are truly the best in their field.

The therapists bring massage oils with them, you only have to provide clean towels. The massage can be done either on the bed or on the floor. Please note, note our therapists do not bring a massage table with them.

Our therapists use only natural massage oils. They use either almond or grape seed oils. Oils that are either base (without fragrance) or blended with various aromas. Please, let your therapist now if you have any allergies or preferences.


You pay directly to the therapist after the treatment. You can also pay via PayPal Transfer or Online Bank Transfer.

Yes, you may be naked during the massage. Your intimate parts would be covered with the towel though at all times. Some clients prefer to wear underwear. But it is up to you.

Our Therapists

Click a photo below to find out more about our therapeutic therapists …


She is a qualified therapist and a super lovely girl, who always does her best to provide you with the best massage treatment possible.


I’m working as a premier massage therapist in London, delivering unparalleled therapeutic experiences, I bring a blend of expertise, precision, and …..


Laila is successful and highly sought-after mobile massage therapist from Brazil, now bringing her great skills and expertise to the dynamic city of London.


Molly is a highly skilled and experienced masseuse hailing from Kazakhstan, now bringing her expertise and 5-star treatments to the bustling city of London.


Giovanna is a beloved and highly skilled Brazilian massage therapist known for her exceptional warmth, friendliness, and experience in different types of massages.


Bella a highly skilled and immensely popular massage therapist from Hungary.


Barbara is a trusted and reliable Brazilian girl specialising in Relaxing, Aromatherapy and Sports massage


Book a session today and enjoy a fantastic full-body massage with Patricia


Ana is our new lovely, friendly and fully qualified massage therapist who loves her profession.


Julia is a compassionate and highly skilled massage therapist from Brazil who is committed to providing a serene and rejuvenating experience


Gabrielle is a qualified massage therapist who will provide you a personalised massage treatment experience


I am committed to doing my best to offer a unique and special experience to my clients


Katie can provide you with a wonderful relaxation massage while also releasing muscle tension from your body


I have years of experience and a deep passion for my craft providing five star mobile massage treatments to my clients in London.


relax your body but also to uplift your spirit, leaving you with a sense of bliss and tranquillity.


My approach is tailored to respond to the energetic needs of the person I am working with.


She believes that massage is a way to express love and care for your own body


My massages will make you feel better and relaxed, make you forget everything

Krisztina T.

Krisztina is a lovely Hungarian girl with fantastic massage skills and great personality!


She can focus on your specific problems or give you a fantastic relaxing massage experience


Carol is a lovely girl. A qualified & highly skilled Massage Therapist with 3 years of experience.


Xylah is an experienced and nurturing massage therapist dedicated to promoting relaxation, alleviating tension, and enhancing overall well-being.
aromatherapy massage london

Aromatherapy Massage London

Aromatherapy massage London is a blissful and rejuvenating experience that combines the therapeutic benefits of traditional massage with the aromatic wonders of essential oils. In the bustling metropolis of London, this treatment offers a tranquil escape to unwind and revitalize.

Aromatherapy massage London begins with a personalized consultation to determine your specific needs and preferences. Skilled therapists then craft a unique blend of essential oils tailored to your goals, whether it’s relaxation, stress relief, pain management, or emotional balance.

During the aromatherapy massage London, these carefully chosen oils are applied using various massage techniques, like Swedish or deep tissue, to soothe tense muscles, improve circulation, and promote relaxation. The aromatic scents engage the olfactory system, influencing mood and enhancing the overall therapeutic effect.

It’s a sensory journey that allows you to escape the city’s hustle and bustle, fostering inner peace and well-being. Indulge in London’s aromatherapy massage to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit, and rediscover a sense of calm amidst the urban chaos.

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mobile aromatherapy massage

Mobile Aromatherapy Massage

Mobile aromatherapy massage offers the ultimate relaxation experience in the comfort and convenience of your own chosen location. This service brings the healing benefits of aromatherapy and massage directly to your doorstep, whether it’s your home, office, or hotel room.

When you book a mobile aromatherapy massage, a skilled therapist arrives at your preferred location with a carefully selected assortment of essential oils and all the necessary equipment, including a massage table or chair. The therapist then customizes the aromatherapy blend to your specific needs, creating a personalized scent that complements your desired therapeutic goals, whether it’s relaxation, stress relief, pain management, or rejuvenation.

The massage itself involves the application of these aromatic oils through various massage techniques, promoting relaxation, improving circulation, and relieving muscle tension. The soothing ambience and familiar surroundings enhance the overall experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in a state of tranquillity and well-being. Mobile aromatherapy massage is the perfect solution for those seeking a spa-quality treatment with the added luxury of convenience and privacy, making it a truly holistic and rejuvenating experience.

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aroma massage

Aroma Massage

Aroma massage, also known as aromatherapy massage, is a luxurious and therapeutic bodywork technique that combines the benefits of traditional massage with the healing properties of essential oils. It is a holistic approach to wellness that not only addresses physical tension but also promotes emotional and mental well-being.

In an aroma massage session, carefully selected essential oils are blended to create a personalized aroma profile that caters to the client’s specific needs and preferences. These aromatic oils, extracted from various plants, flowers, and herbs, possess unique therapeutic qualities that can relax, energize, or alleviate specific ailments.

During the massage, the therapist applies these essential oils to the skin through gentle, long strokes, kneading, and acupressure techniques. As the oils are absorbed into the body, they engage the olfactory system, triggering relaxation responses in the brain and affecting mood, stress levels, and overall emotional balance.

Aroma massage is not only physically rejuvenating but also mentally and emotionally soothing. It can help reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia, enhance immune function, and relieve muscle tension and pain. This holistic approach to massage provides a profound sense of relaxation and well-being, making it a popular choice for those seeking a therapeutic escape from the stresses of modern life.

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