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10 Massage Tips To Help You Enjoy Your Massage More

Massage Tips from Perfect London Massage – Before you book one of our treatments you should be aware that this time is all about you and you should clear your mind of any problems you have and just focus on your health and the benefits of the massage session you will be receiving. On arrival, our therapist will assess your general health, ie physical problems that show, and will ask you if you have any specific aches or pains that you would like your therapist to pay particular attention too.

Welcome to a session dedicated entirely to you! Before booking, consider this your time to unwind and prioritize your well-being. Leave the outside world behind, allowing yourself to fully immerse in the benefits of your upcoming massage.

Upon arrival, our experienced therapist will conduct a brief health assessment, addressing any visible physical concerns and inquiring about specific areas needing attention. Share any aches or pains you’d like extra focus on during the session.

This personalized approach ensures that your massage experience is tailored to meet your unique needs, promoting not just relaxation but targeted relief. Let this be a rejuvenating journey, enhancing your physical and mental well-being.

See below for our Massage Tips to get you prepared for your session.

Avoid Eating Heavy Meals

One of our best Massage tips is to help optimize your massage experience, consider a light pre-session approach.

Indulging in heavy meals can make you feel sluggish, so it’s wise to eat lightly at least two hours prior.

Similarly, steering clear of alcohol and stimulants ensures your body responds optimally to the therapeutic touch.

These substances can affect your circulation and sensitivity, potentially diminishing the benefits of the massage.

By embracing this mindful pre-massage routine, you pave the way for a more rejuvenating and effective session.

It’s all about creating the perfect canvas for relaxation and well-being.

Massage Tips to get you ready for a blissful escape!


Take Five Minutes To Relax

Take five minutes before your scheduled appointment granting yourself a serene transition.

This brief window lets you shed the stresses of the day, mentally preparing for the luxurious “me-time” that follows.

Picture this: a cosy space, tailored to your comfort, and the soothing touch of a skilled therapist.

These precious minutes are a gift to yourself—a chance to fully embrace the upcoming pampering.

So, take a breath, unwind, and get ready to relish every moment devoted exclusively to your well-being.

Great massage tips for your tranquil escape!


Jewellery & Your Watch

A quick tip to enhance your experience: let’s shed the bling! Slip off any jewellery, including that sleek watch if you’re rocking one.

Why? Well, it ensures unrestricted movement and helps me focus on those knots and tension points without any interruptions.

Plus, it’s a little step towards creating a serene, distraction-free environment for your relaxation journey.

Your comfort is key, and this simple act makes our session smoother and more immersive.

So, as you step into this tranquil space, leave the accessories behind, and let the massage magic begin.

Read more for great massage tips for your next session.


Take A Shower Or Bath

Prepare to immerse yourself in the blissful embrace of relaxation by indulging in a refreshing shower or a soothing bath before the arrival of your therapist.

This prelude sets the stage for an experience beyond the ordinary, where the gentle touch of water harmonizes with the anticipation of tranquillity.

Cleansed and rejuvenated, you step into the realm of the massage with a canvas primed for the therapeutic artistry to unfold.

The water’s tender caress becomes a prelude to the skilled hands that will weave a symphony of comfort and serenity, ensuring that every moment of the massage is a seamless dance between indulgence and well-being.

So, let the waters cleanse not just the body but also pave the way for a renewed sense of self during your massage journey.

Mobile massage tips for your upcoming session.


Two Big Clean Towels

Please prepare 2 clean towels before we dive into relaxation mode. One’s for your comfy lie-down – think of it as your massage oasis.

The second? It’s your cosy cover during the session, ensuring you’re snug as a bug.

This little setup ensures a hygienic and comfy journey into tranquillity.

So, when you’re all set with those towels, we’re ready to roll into a blissful massage experience designed just for you.

Let’s make this session the epitome of relaxation – towels at the ready!

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Hair-involved Massage

Just a quick heads-up – your comfort is my priority. If you’re not keen on a hair-involved massage, no worries!

Let me know at the session’s start, and we’ll tailor everything to your liking with great massage tips.

This is your zen time, and I’m here to make it perfect.

Whether it’s specific pressure points or a no-hair-touching policy, your preferences steer the ship.

So, sit back, unwind, and feel free to share any little detail that turns this massage into your personalized bliss.

It’s all about you, and I’m here to make it extraordinary with our practical massage tips!


Feel Uncomfortable For Any Reason

Your comfort is my priority!

Another practical massage tips is that throughout the session, open communication is key. If at any point you feel uneasy or uncomfortable, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Whether it’s adjusting the pressure, focusing on specific areas, or addressing any concerns, your feedback guides the massage experience.

Your relaxation and well-being are at the forefront, and I’m here to ensure the session caters to your unique preferences.

This creates a collaborative and tailored experience, allowing you to fully unwind and benefit from the therapeutic effects of the massage.

Your comfort, both physically and mentally, is paramount.


Chat During Treatment

Feel free to chat if you’d like—it’s your session! However, for a more immersive experience, consider embracing the quiet relaxation.

During the massage, your body and mind synchronize, enhancing the therapeutic benefits.

Letting your thoughts drift away can deepen the sense of tranquility, allowing the massage to work its magic on both your physical and mental well-being.

It’s your time to unwind, and if silence promotes a more profound relaxation, don’t hesitate to embrace it.

The focus is on your comfort and the optimal enjoyment of the massage— read more massage tips and get more from your session whatever that means for you.


Excessive Pressure

While massaging specific areas, you might experience some discomfort, especially if it’s your first time.

It’s perfectly normal, and your comfort is a priority. Communication is key—if the pressure feels too intense or if you prefer a gentler touch, let me know.

Adjusting the massage to suit your preferences ensures a positive experience.

The goal is to address your needs effectively, so don’t hesitate to provide feedback during the session.

Whether you seek deep tissue relief or a more gentle touch, your input guides the massage, creating a personalized and enjoyable session.

Massage tips that help you enjoy your session more!


After The Massage

Following the massage, expect deep relaxation, possibly even a bit of drowsiness. This is a common and positive reaction to the body’s response to the massage techniques applied.

Your muscles have undergone therapeutic manipulation, releasing tension and promoting a sense of calm.

It’s advised to take your time getting up and moving around, allowing the tranquil post-massage feeling to linger.

Hydration is essential to maximize the benefits and flush out toxins released during the session.

Embrace the tranquillity, and if you have any post-massage questions or concerns, feel free to discuss them.

That is the end of our massage tips section, we hope you get a better understand and hope you benefit from these massage tips from Perfect London Massage



Have a great massage!
You are in good hands!

Get ready for an incredible massage experience! You’re in capable hands, and we are here to tailor the session to your preferences. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or targeting specific areas of tension, your comfort is a top priority.

Feel free to communicate your preferences throughout the massage—more or less pressure, focus on certain areas, or any adjustments needed. Relax, breathe deeply, and let the therapeutic touch work its magic.

After the session, take a moment to savor the post-massage bliss. Enjoy the rejuvenating effects, and if you have any questions or feedback, we are here to assist.

Massage Tips FAQ's

We only hire well trained therapists with a professional and clean personal appearance. In return, we would like you to take a shower before receiving your massage. The room must be tidy and smelling fresh and with clean towels. One to lie on and one to cover parts of your body where you are not being massaged.

If you’d like the massage therapist to focus on one specific area just let them know. THIS EXCLUDES THE GENITAL AREA. At the beginning of the massage they will ask if you have any specific pains or problems or concerns. Keep in mind, that the more time spent on a specific area, the less time spent on other areas.

We are a mobile massage service operating in London and some surrounding areas. Our therapists will visit you at your home, hotel or office.

You only have to ask! Perfect London massage therapists are trained to adapt to a wide range of body types and sensitivities to pressure. The therapist will enquire during the massage, but feel free to ask.

Yes, we understand that massage is a very personal treatment and you have to be ‘connected’ to receive the full benefit of the massage treatment. You may request a particular therapist, if the therapist you requested is not available we will always notify you with as much notice as possible and would send a replacement therapist.

Depending on the time of day we can normally have a therapist with you within an hour. Our therapists are able to reach you in 30-45 minutes if you are located in central London or TFL travel zones 1 or 2. If you are outside travel zone 3, then then you should allow us at least 1 hour to get a therapist to you . Our therapists travel from different locations across London. Most likely there is one who is close to your area and available to visit you on a short notice. We have therapists based in Central London W1 , North London, East London, West and South London.

NO. We are a professional massage service only, not an escort agency. Please do not book a massage with perfect London massage if you are looking for something more than a professional massage.

NO – Our massage service is a one-way treatment. You need to stay passive and relaxed. Do not make indecent proposals. Enjoy your massage and respect your professional massage therapist.

As our therapists are using public transport, they are not able to bring a massage table with them.

Please, check out the individual profile of each therapist, you can see all the qualifications and experience they have.

Yes, our therapists could visit you outside London as well, you will need to email us your address and postcode for us to give you a price.

A £10 charge would apply for zone 1- 4 , £15 charge for zone 5, £20 for travelling in zone 6, £20 for Heathrow area.

We don’t charge a cancellation fee. The only thing that we ask, if you have to cancel your appointment, please value the time of our therapists and give us as much notice as possible.

Yes, all of the therapists hired to work for Perfect london massage have a certificate in what they are specialised in plus an anatomy and physiology certificate. Most of our therapists have accumulated years of experience in luxury salons, spas clinics which have more than 6 years of experience and are truly the best in their field.

The therapists bring massage oils with them, you only have to provide clean towels. The massage can be done either on the bed or on the floor. Please note, note our therapists do not bring a massage table with them.

Our therapists use only natural massage oils. They use either almond or grape seed oils. Oils that are either base (without fragrance) or blended with various aromas. Please, let your therapist now if you have any allergies or preferences.


You pay directly to the therapist after the treatment. You can also pay via PayPal Transfer or Online Bank Transfer.

Yes, you may be naked during the massage. Your intimate parts would be covered with the towel though at all times. Some clients prefer to wear underwear. But it is up to you.

We count the time from the beginning of the massage session. If you make the booking for 90 min session, you will receive full 90 minutes of hands on massage

Yes, you may split a one hour session. You will not be charged anything extra, only for the therapist time that you book. Please mention this when making your booking. Longer sessions than one hour will be charged separately.

Yes, you may extend the session if you wish to, subject to the therapists availability.

It’s not the best option to have a massage on a full stomach, wait at least 1 hour and half. Also it’s best to avoid drinking alcohol before and after your massage.

There is no reason to be embarrassed. It’s perfectly normal for men to get an erection during a massage. Gentle touch administered to any area of the body can cause this to happen to men. Your therapist will just ignore it.

Ideally once a week. If you can’t do this try at least to have massage on a regular basis. Depends on your needs. If you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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