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Mobile Reflexology Massage

A Reflexology Massage, a therapeutic art that explores the intricate map of energy points on the soles of the feet. Rooted in ancient practices, Reflexology is a gateway to restoring balance to both the physical and emotional realms of the body.

The soles of the feet host a myriad of reflex points connected to various organs and systems. Through skillful manipulation, Reflexology targets these points, promoting harmony within the body. This transcendent experience not only alleviates physical tension but also addresses emotional imbalances, offering a profound sense of relaxation and vitality of a Reflexology Massage.

In the sanctuary of a Reflexology Massage, the practitioner’s touch becomes a conduit for restoring lost energy, relieving stress, and nurturing overall well-being. This artful massage is a therapeutic embrace, inviting individuals to rediscover vitality, release tension, and embark on a transformative journey towards holistic health.

Understanding the Reflexology Massage & Benefits

A Reflexology Massage is a gateway to restoring balance to both the physical and emotional. Profound healing powers of vibration, light & Energy.

Better Sleep Quality

A Reflexology Massage, rooted in the belief that specific points on the feet correspond to various organs and systems in the body, engages these reflex zones to induce a deep state of relaxation.

By targeting key areas associated with sleep regulation, Reflexology Massage works harmoniously to alleviate stress and tension, promoting a serene mental state conducive to restful sleep. For those grappling with insomnia or erratic sleep patterns, this therapeutic massage offers a gentle yet effective solution. The calming influence of Reflexology extends beyond the massage session, creating a lasting impact on sleep quality and overall well-being. Embrace the tranquility of Reflexology Massage, and let it guide you into a rejuvenating realm of peaceful slumber.

Balanced Energy Levels

Elevate your vitality and experience balanced energy levels through the transformative touch of Reflexology Massage. Rooted in the ancient belief that specific points on the feet correspond to various energy pathways in the body, reflexology channels its therapeutic influence toward restoring balance.

As the skilled hands of the reflexologist apply precise pressure to reflex zones, energy blockages are released, facilitating the smooth flow of vital life force. This harmonization of energy promotes not only physical well-being but also a renewed sense of vitality. Clients often report feeling invigorated and rejuvenated after a reflexology massage session, with the effects transcending the massage itself. Embrace the holistic benefits of reflexology, and let your energy levels find equilibrium, enhancing your overall sense of vigor and well-being.

Relief for Digestive Issues

Indulge in the soothing touch of Reflexology Massage to find relief from digestive discomfort. This ancient practice believes that targeted points on the feet correspond to various organs, including the digestive system. Through skillful manipulation of these reflex zones, a Reflexology Massage aims to alleviate issues like indigestion and bloating.

As the therapist applies gentle pressure to specific areas, it stimulates energy flow and encourages the body’s natural healing response. This can result in improved digestive function, helping to ease discomfort and restore balance. Clients often experience a sense of relaxation and relief as the tensions in the corresponding reflex points are released, fostering digestive well-being. Embrace the holistic benefits of a Reflexology massage to nurture not only your feet but also your digestive health, promoting overall harmony within the body.

Sinus and Respiratory Support

Experience the rejuvenating effects of Reflexology Massage as it extends its therapeutic touch to support sinus and respiratory health. Reflexology holds the belief that specific points on the feet are interconnected with various systems in the body, including the respiratory system. During a session, skilled therapists apply precise pressure to these reflex points, aiming to alleviate sinus congestion and respiratory issues.

The targeted stimulation of these areas encourages improved circulation and energy flow, promoting a sense of relief and relaxation. Reflexology’s holistic approach can be particularly beneficial for those experiencing conditions such as sinus congestion or respiratory discomfort. By fostering balance and harmony in the corresponding reflex zones, a Reflexology Massage contributes to a more comfortable and rejuvenated respiratory experience. Embrace the natural healing potential of a Reflexology massage to soothe your sinuses and enhance respiratory well-being.

Hormonal Balance

Revel in the harmonizing effects of Reflexology Massage, designed to promote hormonal balance by targeting specific reflex points linked to the endocrine system. Reflexology operates on the principle that these reflex points on the feet correspond to various glands and organs, including those responsible for hormonal regulation. During a session, skilled therapists apply precise pressure to these points, aiming to stimulate and balance the endocrine system.

For individuals grappling with hormonal imbalances, Reflexology offers a non-invasive and holistic approach. The therapeutic touch on these reflex zones encourages improved energy flow and circulation, potentially contributing to hormonal equilibrium. Embrace the restorative potential of Reflexology Massage as it supports the body’s natural mechanisms, fostering a sense of balance and well-being in the realm of hormones. Discover the rejuvenating effects of Reflexology for a holistic approach to hormonal harmony.

Increased Flexibility

This therapeutic technique focuses on precise reflex points on the feet, triggering a cascade of responses throughout the body. By skillfully manipulating these reflex zones, Reflexology aims to release tension, promote relaxation, and stimulate improved circulation.

As the reflex points associated with muscles and joints are addressed, individuals may experience heightened flexibility and a more extensive range of motion. Reflexology’s holistic approach to flexibility goes beyond the physical realm, fostering a sense of overall well-being. Whether seeking relief from stiffness or aiming to optimize flexibility for various activities, Reflexology stands as a versatile and effective method for promoting a more limber and agile body. Embrace the liberating benefits of Reflexology and discover a newfound sense of flexibility and freedom of movement.

Massage Reviews

NickNorth London
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Cristina gave me a fantastic 90 minute massage yesterday. I will be booking another appointment very soon.Thanks
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Just had a 2 hour massage with Natalia. What a fantastic session.Thank you 10/10
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I've been using Perfect London Massage for over two years now and have nothing but positive things to say. My favourite therapist Onara is excellent at Relaxing massage and she always does her best to provide an excellent treatment! Would highly recommend!
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They have a very convenient online booking system, Very easy to use. You can see when your therapist is available and match up an appointment time to your calendar without having to call. It will also send you reminders on the day of your appointment Overall great experiences with the company and I will continue to use their service
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This place has some of the best massage therapists in London. Regardless of who you book I have not had a bad experience Had a great massage with Irina and was given tips on how to maintain relaxed muscles in the future. Thanks.
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I'm happy to say that I have found my new regular massage therapist. Onara is a lovely Spanish girl and a fantastic massage therapist. She is the best choice to unwind/de-stress with a nice relaxing massage.
DavidSouthwark Park
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I'm all about deep tissue massages and this girl knows how to find those knots and work them out. Book a session with Latisha....she's amazing!!!!
LeeMaida Vale
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Barbara was amazing and had the perfect touch. She was really friendly, polite and was able to get my muscles relaxed without them jerking back into their tight knots. She has great technique and is strong!
ThomasRegents Park
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OMG!!! Maria was amaazzzzzzzzzing!! My massage session has been incredible! She cares and enjoys what she does, very thorough and punctual. So happy to have found my new therapist :)))

Mobile Reflexology Massage

NO. We are a professional massage service only, not an escort agency. Please do not book a massage with perfect London massage if you are looking for something more than a professional massage.

NO – Our massage service is a one-way treatment. You need to stay passive and relaxed. Do not make indecent proposals. Enjoy your massage and respect your professional massage therapist.

As our therapists are using public transport, they are not able to bring a massage table with them.

Please, check out the individual profile of each therapist, you can see all the qualifications and experience they have.

Yes, our therapists could visit you outside London as well, you will need to email us your address and postcode for us to give you a price.

A £10 charge would apply for zone 1- 4 , £15 charge for zone 5, £20 for travelling in zone 6, £20 for Heathrow area.

We count the time from the beginning of the massage session. If you make the booking for 90 min session, you will receive full 90 minutes of hands on massage

Yes, you may split a one hour session. You will not be charged anything extra, only for the therapist time that you book. Please mention this when making your booking. Longer sessions than one hour will be charged separately.

Yes, you may extend the session if you wish to, subject to the therapists availability.

It’s not the best option to have a massage on a full stomach, wait at least 1 hour and half. Also it’s best to avoid drinking alcohol before and after your massage.

There is no reason to be embarrassed. It’s perfectly normal for men to get an erection during a massage. Gentle touch administered to any area of the body can cause this to happen to men. Your therapist will just ignore it.

Ideally once a week. If you can’t do this try at least to have massage on a regular basis. Depends on your needs. If you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Therapists

Click a photo below to find out more about our therapeutic therapists …


She is a qualified therapist and a super lovely girl, who always does her best to provide you with the best massage treatment possible.


Jessy is an experienced and passionate massage therapist who will help alleviate your stress.


Barbara is a trusted and reliable Brazilian girl specialising in Relaxing, Aromatherapy and Sports massage


Book a session today and enjoy a fantastic full-body massage with Patricia


Maíra brings a good warm energy as soon as she steps on your door


Gabrielle is a qualified massage therapist who will provide you a personalised massage treatment experience


Julia is a compassionate and highly skilled massage therapist from Brazil who is committed to providing a serene and rejuvenating experience


Tanya is a skilled and dedicated massage therapist, whose mission is to provide utmost relaxation and rejuvenation to her clients


Katie can provide you with a wonderful relaxation massage while also releasing muscle tension from your body


Ana is our new lovely, friendly and fully qualified massage therapist who loves her profession.


relax your body but also to uplift your spirit, leaving you with a sense of bliss and tranquillity.


I am committed to doing my best to offer a unique and special experience to my clients


She believes that massage is a way to express love and care for your own body

Krisztina T.

Krisztina is a lovely Hungarian girl with fantastic massage skills and great personality!


My massages will make you feel better and relaxed, make you forget everything


She can focus on your specific problems or give you a fantastic relaxing massage experience


Carol is a lovely girl. A qualified & highly skilled Massage Therapist with 3 years of experience.


If you are lucky enough to get an appointment with Alina, you will experience a wonderful relaxation massage


Xylah is an experienced and nurturing massage therapist dedicated to promoting relaxation, alleviating tension, and enhancing overall well-being.


My approach is tailored to respond to the energetic needs of the person I am working with.
reflexology foot massage

Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology foot massage is a specialized therapeutic technique that focuses on the feet to promote relaxation, alleviate tension, and support overall well-being. Rooted in the belief that specific reflex points on the feet correspond to various organs and systems in the body, this ancient practice offers a holistic approach to healing.

During a reflexology foot massage session, the client typically reclines in a comfortable chair or on a massage table, fully clothed. A skilled reflexologist uses precise thumb, finger, and hand techniques to apply pressure to these reflex points, aiming to stimulate energy flow, improve circulation, and release blockages.

Reflexology foot massage is often sought for its potential to reduce stress, improve sleep, and support the body’s natural healing processes. It offers a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience, allowing clients to reconnect with their bodies and promote overall vitality.

This therapeutic practice is widely available in wellness centers, spas, and holistic clinics, making it accessible to those seeking holistic well-being and relaxation. Reflexology foot massage is an opportunity to prioritize self-care and experience the healing benefits of touch and energy work in a tranquil and soothing environment.

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Mobile Reflexology Massage

Mobile reflexology massage brings the ancient healing art of reflexology directly to your chosen location, whether it’s your home, office, or hotel room, offering the ultimate convenience and relaxation. This specialized therapy focuses on specific reflex points on the feet, hands, and ears, corresponding to various organs and systems in the body.

A mobile reflexology massage session begins with a skilled therapist equipped with all the necessary tools, including a comfortable chair or massage table. You remain fully clothed during the treatment. The therapist applies precise thumb, finger, and hand techniques to stimulate these reflex points, aiming to promote energy flow, alleviate tension, and restore balance.

This convenient service caters to clients seeking relief from stress, improved circulation, and overall well-being without the need to travel to a spa or wellness centre. Mobile reflexology massage therapists offer a personalized and rejuvenating experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in relaxation in your familiar surroundings. It’s an opportunity to prioritize self-care and wellness on your terms, making it a holistic and rejuvenating addition to your busy lifestyle.

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reflexology massage london

Reflexology Massage London

Reflexology massage London offers a unique and specialized approach to holistic wellness right in the heart of this vibrant city. Rooted in the ancient healing art of reflexology, this practice focuses on the feet, hands, and ears, where specific pressure points correspond to various organs and systems in the body.

During a reflexology massage London session, clients typically relax in a comfortable chair or recline on a massage table, fully clothed. A skilled reflexology therapist uses precise thumb, finger, and hand techniques to apply pressure to these reflex points, aiming to stimulate energy flow, alleviate tension, and promote overall balance and well-being.

Reflexology is often sought for its potential to improve circulation, reduce stress, and support the body’s natural healing processes. It offers a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience, making it a popular choice for those seeking relief from the fast-paced city life of London.

Reflexology massage London is an opportunity to reconnect with your body, promote relaxation, and enhance overall vitality amidst the dynamic energy of the city.

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