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At Perfect London Massage, our dedication to excellence goes beyond just providing a service – it’s about creating an unforgettable experience for each and every client. Our team of highly skilled therapists not only possess extensive training and expertise in various massage techniques but also have a genuine passion for helping others achieve wellness and relaxation.

When you search for “Perfect London Massage review,” you’ll discover a treasure trove of testimonials from individuals who have experienced the transformative effects of our massages. From deep tissue to Swedish massage, our treatments are tailored to address specific needs and preferences, ensuring that every session is personalized and effective.

Moreover, our commitment to creating a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere sets us apart. From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll be greeted with warmth and hospitality, allowing you to leave the stresses of daily life behind and fully immerse yourself in the healing power of touch.

But don’t just take our word for it – let the countless positive reviews speak for themselves. Join the ranks of our satisfied clients and embark on a journey to wellness and relaxation with Perfect London Massage.

So why not prioritize your well-being and indulge in some much-deserved relaxation today?

Massage Therapists Reviews

We take great pride in the reputation that Perfect London Massage has built over the years. Our dedication to providing exceptional service has resulted in numerous glowing reviews from satisfied clients. When you search for “Perfect London Massage review,” you’ll find a wealth of feedback praising our skilled therapists, serene atmosphere, and personalized approach to wellness.

Massage Reviews London

Perfect London Massage Review

best of the best
Murat / Wimbledon

Alina she was best of the best, I will definitely book her again. She is very professional and a very kind person. I really appreciate that

Very professional

perfect london massage review

Another quality massage
Tony / West Brompton

Thanks David! Another quality massage by another therapist. I really can't think of a bad massage I have ever had if your company hence keep coming back but Tanya was absolutely awesome!

absolutely awesome!

perfect london massage review

A lovely, lovely woman
Wyn / Kensington

Wow! I really don't know how you do it! Kristina is incredible! Amazing! A lovely, lovely woman and that was 3 hours of absolute heaven! Thank you again

3 hours of absolute heaven

perfect london massage review

best massage
Ken / Golders Green

Thank you for setting up the massage with Krisztina. She probably gives the best massage of any of the ladies I have seen so far.

Thank You

perfect london massage review

outstanding 2 hr massage
Toby / Kilburn

Niki gave me an outstanding 2 hr massage - the perfect combination of firm and light pressure. Better than most spa massages, and half the price. David was very accommodating on multiple schedule changes. Will book again.

Will book again

perfect london massage review

absolutely incredible masseuse
Ian / Fulham

Hi David, Just some positive feedback for Florina! I can't believe I haven't booked her for so long! She's absolutely incredible masseuse and even taught me some great breathing techniques to help destress. She's a real breath of fresh air, wish I'd booked for longer so don't be surprised if l'm trying to book her again over the weekend

positive feedback

perfect london massage review

definitely worth the wait
Vincent / Brixton

“Hi David, Ana was definitely worth the wait! Very relaxed, friendly attitude and a great massage 🙂 Thanks for arranging

Very relaxed, friendly attitude

perfect london massage review

Perfect pressure
David / Maida Vale

Lovely massage with Jeasy. Perfect pressure feel refreshed. Lovely person. Pass on my thanks.

Lovely person

perfect london massage review

Krisztina is an artist
James / West Hampstead

Krisztina is an artist. Best massage I've had in a very long time. Thank you for organising it.

Best massage

perfect london massage review

mechanical precision
Chev / Battersea

David, I'm dead! (s 8.30pm and I'm in bed. Katie relentlessly took me apart with mechanical precision, piece by painful piece. 3hrs of torture, the likes of which Tomás de Torquemada would have been proud. Seriously, she didn't stop once, and she wasn't even tired. I don't think she's human but I promise not to tell just in case she finds out I revealed her secret. What an amazing therapist! Excellent excellent excellent!!! You've surpassed yourself yet again with your recommendation. Thanks David, genuinely. 'Horrible' massage but it demonstrated just how much my body needed her therapeutic intervention. lIl be in touch soon, when my body stops crying 🙂

What an amazing therapist

perfect london massage review

very caring and thoughtful
Jon / South Bank

Booked PML after really hectic and stressful month and was able to get an appointment with Sarah. From the moment she said hello you can tell she is a very caring and thoughtful person but an even better masseuse. The relaxing massage was exactly that, she made the hour seem long and short at the same time. She was thoughtful about pressure and found every sore spot and bit of tension. Even had time to target my lower back which I had suffered from after an injury. Came out feeling light, refreshed as if that stressful month never happened. Cannot recommend enough.

Cannot recommend enough

perfect london massage review

session flowed smoothly
Adam / Southwark

Adeany’s massage was excellent, she adjusted the pressure perfectly and paid attention to what I needed, the session flowed smoothly. She was also polite and friendly and I would book with her again

massage was excellent

perfect london massage review

Niki is my favourite
Wyn/ Pentonville

Niki is a very special woman. Everyone I've had the pleasure to meet from your business has been amazing. But, I have to confess, Niki is my favourite Thank you

Very special woman

perfect london massage review

easily beats all 5-star hotel experiences
Ahmad/ Hornsey

David, thank you once again for the kind gesture. I must say, in all honesty, she gave me the best massage I've ever had. Iara easily beats all 5-star hotel experiences I've ever had.

best massage

perfect london massage review

a really good massage - definitely helped
Alex / Parsons Green

Hi David, sorry for the delay in this, just wanted to say Katie gave a really good massage - definitely helped with some muscle pain for a couple of days afterwards. Please could you pass on my thanks?

pass on my thanks

perfect london massage review

OMG she was amazing
Eddie / Finchley

Iris did 2 hrs BUT 2 hrs was for the first time more than enough.!! She made me realise for the first time that it's not the length of the massage but the quality! OMG she was amazing hmmm I mean brilliant brilliant, the best I've ever had.! Even better than miss her massage!


perfect london massage review

very caring and chatty
Tim/ Tower Hill

Hi David, Rasha is a very caring and chatty young lady. I enjoyed the massage as usual. 🙂👍 Best regards Tim

I enjoyed the massage as usual

perfect london massage review

lovely lady
George / Brixton

Shar was really great soft hands was dropping off to sleep. Had a nice and friendly personality too. Great therapist , lovely lady

Friendly personality

perfect london massage review

One of your best therapists
Rick / Streatham

Nazila was fantastic. Nice girl. I will book again soon. One of your best therapists! Thanks again!

Nice girl

perfect london massage review

skill and stamina
Ahmad / Chelsea

Good afternoon David. Iris was excellent with her skill and stamina. Wonderful personality.Thank u.

Wonderful personality

perfect london massage review

Absolutely beautiful
Robert/ Piccadilly

Hi. Vivien was perfect. What a star. Absolutely beautiful and the massage was amazing too. Can’t wait for my next visit to London. Thanks for organising it for me.

What a star

perfect london massage review

she made me fall asleep
Adela / Battersea

I have to say Vivien was really good I enjoyed her massage she made me fall asleep for a bit. She looks stunning as well.

She looks stunning

perfect london massage review

excellent massage
Kin / Stockwell

Iris give a very excellent massage after I had a stressful day at work I like to Thank you for her being on time and professional “ Kin


perfect london massage review

will recommend to friends
Oleg / Camberwell

Monica was really good Very nice lady ! Thank you, David. She is brilliant. Much needed that. I will recommend to friends

Very nice lady

perfect london massage review

One of the best therapies
Amy / Pimlico

Thank you so much David , Today Simona was so amazing. One of the best therapies I ever had. I was in so much pain and she was very patient with me. She relived all my pressure points and she left me in a very good condition. Her patience and her temperament and communication is excellent. I really really appreciated her so much and I would like you to let her know how much she helped me. I was in so much pain for three days but she took away all the pain.

She took away all the pain

perfect london massage review

Really flexible with us
Jody / C London

David and his team have been spectacular - our friend has been in hospital with a condition that has left him bed ridden for over six months, so we get him massages to help his pain. David has been really flexible with us - my job sees me change country every third day and he is always patient while I am admittedly hard to communicate with. The team is always going above and beyond to ensure our friend is well cared for. We reallyappreciate everything the team at Perfect London Massage have done for us over the last few months - absolute legends! Highly recommend.


perfect london massage review

I have been beyond impressed
Jessica / West Kensington

I have been beyond impressed and humbled by the level of service and attention I have received from Maria.. I was immediately blown away by the level of attention I received from her. This experience has inspired me for the first time to write a review for what I believe was and is the best massage I have experienced in a long time..…I wish your team nothing but success…you have my vote for life.

Service and attention

perfect london massage review

very professional
Mary / Wood Green

Diana was very professional and the massage was fantastic. Thank you , I'll definetely book her again soon and I'll recommend your service to my friends!

Massage was fantastic

perfect london massage review

I feel I'm floating on Air
Mike / Acton

Raluca came to treat my painful Aching body Today She is A Real Treat so book! I am having Private medical health care- (after massage) I feel I'm floating on Air - Painless! She has a beautiful Smile & A Friend you can talk to- So much wisdom

Beautiful Smile

perfect london massage review

Another amazing massage
Tom / Ealing

I just had another amazing massage from Jessica. After another stressful day, her strong hands melted the kinks out of my tense muscles I can’t wait to make the next appointment with her!

Her strong hands melted the kinks

perfect london massage review

Relaxing massage
Omar / Mile End

Raluca's were the most relaxing massage I've ever had and I'm completely pain free now, The pain is gone and hasn't come back

Pain free now!

perfect london massage review

Very professional manner
Olivia / Holborn

Very professional manner and attitude . . . Thorough, sensitive, very effective. Thank you Mihaela!

Very effective

perfect london massage review

Great awareness of the body
John / Kennington

Aiste has a great awareness of the body and really understands how to promote healing within it. Great massage therapist!

Great massage therapist

perfect london massage review

Perfect London Massage Review

Perfect London Massage distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service and a truly personalized experience. With a team of highly skilled therapists trained in a variety of massage techniques, each session is tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of the client. Moreover, the serene atmosphere and attention to detail create a tranquil environment conducive to relaxation and healing. Additionally, Perfect London Massage prioritizes customer satisfaction, continually striving to exceed expectations and ensure that every client leaves feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

You can see this in our past client perfect london massage review section.

Perfect London Massage offers a comprehensive range of massage modalities to cater to diverse needs and preferences. These include but are not limited to Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, aromatherapy massage, sports massage, and reflexology. Each technique is performed by skilled and experienced therapists who undergo rigorous training to ensure proficiency and effectiveness. Whether seeking relief from muscle tension, stress, or simply looking to unwind, clients can find the perfect massage to suit their individual needs at Perfect London Massage.

See our perfect london massage review for more details.

The therapists at Perfect London Massage are highly qualified professionals with extensive training and experience in the field of massage therapy. Our perfect london massage reviews speak for them self. Many hold certifications from reputable institutions and undergo continuous education to stay abreast of the latest techniques and developments in the industry. Moreover, they possess a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and body mechanics, allowing them to tailor each session to address specific concerns and achieve optimal results. Clients can trust that they are in capable hands when they choose Perfect London Massage for their massage therapy needs.

A typical massage session at Perfect London Massage begins with a consultation with the therapist to discuss any specific concerns or goals for the session. Once the client is comfortable, the therapist will then apply soothing oils or lotions and begin the massage using a combination of techniques tailored to address the client’s needs. Throughout the session, the therapist will check in with the client to ensure their comfort and adjust the pressure or technique as needed. After the massage, clients are encouraged to take their time and relax before slowly re-emerging into the world feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Please reffer to our perfect london massage review for more details

Booking an appointment at Perfect London Massage is easy and convenient. Clients can visit our website or call our WhatsApp or Mobile Number to schedule a session at their preferred date and time. Our friendly staff are available to assist with any inquiries and can provide guidance on selecting the right massage therapy option based on individual needs and preferences. Additionally, Perfect London Massage offers online booking options for added convenience, allowing clients to secure their appointments with just a few clicks from the comfort of their own home.

Yes, Perfect London Massage welcomes clients with specific health conditions and strives to accommodate their needs to the best of our ability. Prior to the massage, clients are encouraged to disclose any medical conditions, injuries, or concerns to their therapist during the consultation. This allows the therapist to tailor the session accordingly, avoiding any techniques or areas of the body that may exacerbate existing conditions. Additionally, therapists at Perfect London Massage are trained to modify their approach to accommodate pregnancy, chronic pain, and other health-related concerns, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for all clients.

Many of our client perfect london massage reviews are from past clients with different medical conditions.

The safety and well-being of our clients are paramount at Perfect London Massage, and we adhere to strict protocols to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented additional measures to ensure the safety of both clients and staff. These include regular sanitization of all surfaces and equipment, mandatory mask-wearing for therapists and clients, temperature checks upon entry, and enhanced ventilation in treatment rooms. Moreover, we limit the number of clients in the facility at any given time to allow for proper distancing and minimize contact between individuals. Clients can rest assured that their health and safety are our top priorities at Perfect London Massage.

We greatly value feedback from our clients and encourage them to share their experiences through online reviews. Clients can leave a review for Perfect London Massage on various platforms, including our website, social media channels, and third-party review sites. Whether sharing praise for a particular therapist, highlighting the relaxing atmosphere, or expressing overall satisfaction with their visit, client reviews play a crucial role in helping us maintain our reputation for excellence and continuously improve our services. We appreciate the time and effort taken by our clients to leave their feedback and use it as valuable insight to enhance the Perfect London Massage experience for all.

Our Therapists

Click a photo below to find out more about our therapeutic therapists …


Maira brings a good warm energy as soon as she steps on your door. With a warm smile and genuine interest to provide a top-notch experience


She is a qualified therapist and a super lovely girl, who always does her best to provide you with the best massage treatment possible.


Giovanna is a beloved and highly skilled Brazilian massage therapist known for her exceptional warmth, friendliness, and experience in different types of massages.


I’m working as a premier massage therapist in London, delivering unparalleled therapeutic experiences, I bring a blend of expertise, precision, and …..


Molly is a highly skilled and experienced masseuse hailing from Kazakhstan, now bringing her expertise and 5-star treatments to the bustling city of London.


Laila is successful and highly sought-after mobile massage therapist from Brazil, now bringing her great skills and expertise to the dynamic city of London.


Bella a highly skilled and immensely popular massage therapist from Hungary.

Ana Paula

Step into a realm of unmatched relaxation and rejuvenation with our exceptional Brazilian massage therapist Ana Paula, whose passion for healing touch and genuine care …


Barbara is a trusted and reliable Brazilian girl specialising in Relaxing, Aromatherapy and Sports massage


Book a session today and enjoy a fantastic full-body massage with Patricia


Ana is our new lovely, friendly and fully qualified massage therapist who loves her profession.


Julia is a compassionate and highly skilled massage therapist from Brazil who is committed to providing a serene and rejuvenating experience


Gabrielle is a qualified massage therapist who will provide you a personalised massage treatment experience


I am committed to doing my best to offer a unique and special experience to my clients


I have years of experience and a deep passion for my craft providing five star mobile massage treatments to my clients in London.


Katie can provide you with a wonderful relaxation massage while also releasing muscle tension from your body


relax your body but also to uplift your spirit, leaving you with a sense of bliss and tranquillity.


My approach is tailored to respond to the energetic needs of the person I am working with.


She believes that massage is a way to express love and care for your own body


My massages will make you feel better and relaxed, make you forget everything

Krisztina T.

Krisztina is a lovely Hungarian girl with fantastic massage skills and great personality!


She can focus on your specific problems or give you a fantastic relaxing massage experience


Carol is a lovely girl. A qualified & highly skilled Massage Therapist with 3 years of experience.


Xylah is an experienced and nurturing massage therapist dedicated to promoting relaxation, alleviating tension, and enhancing overall well-being.

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